For Men


Men, it is said, are the stronger sex. It is true that their physical make-up is less complicated than that of women. Many of the problems from which they suffer are the result of infection, ranging from head colds to disorders of the reproductive system.

Most men are reluctant to seek medical help, particularly for problems with the reproductive system. Usually, such conditions are easily treated, but prompt action is necessary to avoid the development of complications.

Because homeopathic remedies are particularly effective in dealing with infections, they offer a quick and convenient form of self-treatment for most male problems. Self-treatment, too, spares the embarrassed male the ordeal of discussing the situation with his doctor.

Suggestions are given below for simple homeopathic remedies that will deal effectively with many male problems.

For erectile dysfunction – Conium or Agnus

For thrush – Merc. sol.

NB: If any symptoms persist for five days, a doctor should be consulted.

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