For Accident



No matter how great your faith in homeopathic remedies, it’s unlikely that you will have them to hand outside the home. If an accident happens in a shop, in the street or in any other public place, the emergency services usually arrive with speed. You unlikely to be involved, beyond perhaps comforting the patient until help arrives.

Crises that occur in the home or garden are another matter.

Sometimes, homeopathic treatment is all that is needed. Even so, you must not allow your enthusiasm to run away with you.

Stay calm

Whatever the emergency – stay calm. Your first action must be to establish priorities. Determine exactly what has happened. How severe is the problem? Check on the following essential points:-

Is the patient’s breathing laboured or non-existent?

Is the patient badly injured?

Is the patient bleeding profusely?

Are any bones broken?

Is the patient badly burned?

Is the patient in a state of severe shock?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you should call an ambulance immediately.

Reassure the patient that help is on the way. Keep a watchful eye for any worsening of their condition. If possible, place them in the recovery position.

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